How to choose the most suitable suitcases for your motorcycle

Although motorcycle top case is a tradition, for a few years, the side cases have become increasingly popular. Sacrificing a bit of aerodynamics, they give a significant utility for long routes or for those who use the motorcycle regularly, and we need our space on the bike, also adding a vital safety plus. If you are thinking of buying them or changing the ones you already have, here are some tips that can help you.

Plastic or metal?

 This is probably the central question of many who are thinking of buying some suitcases for the motorcycle. The metal ones are usually associated with off-road vehicles, it is not an aesthetic that is associated with road motorcycles, but everything will be done as soon as the first brave one takes the first step if it has not already happened. Maybe in future designs of metal cases, more aerodynamic for asphalt …

If you do all-terrain with the motorcycle and you are, like me, of those who never take their bags off, I strongly advise you the metal ones. From experience, I assure you that the plastic suitcases off the road, sooner or later, end up breaking somewhere, which will be according to Murphy’s Law the most difficult to repair and will give you endless headaches.

The plastic ones, usually have more dynamic and aerodynamic designs, ideal if you do not intend to stamp them against the first stone you see (or do not see). To those who still sweat our hands when we get into a somewhat complicated area doing SUV, we know that the motorcycle tends to go with its own will to the most challenging side; With plastic suitcases, this increases exponentially.

If you decide on metal ones, it is essential to keep in mind that the side, front, and rear parts are one piece and not bolted or glued plates; They are more consistent, and the impermeability is much more reliable. On the other hand, the role of the suitcases that usually receive the most influential impact in a fall is the lower and outer front corner, so it is essential also to check if you have some extra protection there. If you do not have it, it would be very. It is advisable to put it on our own.

Contrary to what it may seem, metal ones are usually not heavier than plastic ones, with some exceptions, and if they are, the difference is subtle.

 How much space do you need?

 Before deciding on a model, think about the use you are going to give them. Size does matter as far as bags are concerned. If you are not one of those who usually avoid cars in traffic jams, lean towards the larger ones; If you know for sure that you are going to use them, space will never be leftover. It is also much more comfortable than it seems to get used to the new width of the motorcycle.

 Think long term

 If you know or believe that there is any possibility that in the future you will use the motorcycle very often or you will make a trip, do not hesitate to buy them. Remember that in cases where you do not need them, if they get in the way, they can be removed and put back on the bike very quickly in a few seconds.

Many bikers usually pack their bags when they don’t need them. I prefer not to do it, besides seeing them as a great utility, I also see them as a security element; they protect you, your companion if it is the case and even the motorcycle; I say it from experience. And if there is one to take out first, it is the top case. The sides favor balance, and the top case does not and also increases the center of gravity a lot if you carry weight on it.

Keep in mind that motorcycle suitcases (like Casi todo otherwise) are an expensive product and that you will also have to buy the corresponding anchors. Still, if you choose well, more than an expense, it will end up being a good investment, and you will have bags for many, many years. Also, the more they travel, the more proud you will feel of them.

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